RACING TEAM Nickel Sticker

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Nickel sticker. Size 1,18”x 0,78” (3x2cm)

The sticker is made in biker style and will look good on motorcycles ,car and bicycles.
The sticker is easily glued to any smooth surface. Very strong, keeps for a long time, and also is steady against corrosion.
The sticker will add exclusivity to your phone, computer, motorcycle or any thing.

It is a thin self-adhesive plate (0.08 mm) made of gold or silver nickel; the sticker will decorate mobile phones, covers, laptops, wallets, bookbinding, car bodies and anything else that has a smooth base giving it value  and custom design Application Instructions:

 1- Make sure the size of the metal sticker corresponds to the selected application surface.

 2-CLEAN THE SURFACE using the degreasing wipe.  Remove the edge of the lower protective film and precisely apply the sticker on the bonding surface

 3- Gently smooth the sticker by rubbing on the transparent protective film

4-Remove the protective film after minutes, gently pulling the edge.  Recommendations: The metal sticker applies to a flat, non-rough surface (metal, plastic, glass, leather, etc.);  Tolerates limited exposure to moisture and high temperatures.

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