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Nickel sticker. Size: 1,57”x 1,37”  (4x3.5cm)

Real Madrid FC is a Spanish professional football club. With this unique sticker you can decorate your phone, tablet, computer. The sticker is distinguished by its durability, it lasts for a long time on any surface. The sticker is easily glued to any smooth surface. It is also resistant to corrosion. 

It is a thin self-adhesive plate (0.08 mm) made of gold or silver nickel; the sticker will decorate mobile phones, covers, laptops, wallets, bookbinding, car bodies and anything else that has a smooth base giving it value  and custom design Application Instructions:

1- Make sure the size of the metal sticker corresponds to the selected application surface.

2-CLEAN THE SURFACE using the degreasing wipe.  Remove the edge of the lower protective film and precisely apply the sticker on the bonding surface

3- Gently smooth the sticker by rubbing on the transparent protective film

4-Remove the protective film after minutes, gently pulling the edge.  Recommendations: The metal sticker applies to a flat, non-rough surface (metal, plastic, glass, leather, etc.);  Tolerates limited exposure to moisture and high temperatures.

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